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Patient bleeds dark green blood
A team of Canadian surgeons got a shock when the patient they were operating on began shedding dark greenish-black blood, the Lancet reports.
The man emulated Star Trek's Mr Spock - the Enterprise's science officer who supposedly had green Vulcan blood.

In this case, the unusual colour of the 42-year-old's blood was down to the migraine medication he was taking.

The man's leg surgery went ahead successfully and his blood returned to normal once he eased off the drug.

Dark green

The patient had been taking large doses of sumatriptan - 200 milligrams a day.

This had caused a rare condition called sulfhaemoglobinaemia, where sulphur is incorporated into the oxygen-carrying compound haemoglobin in red blood cells.

Describing the case in The Lancet, the doctors led by Dr Alana Flexman from St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver wrote: "The patient recovered uneventfully, and stopped taking sumatriptan after discharge.

"When seen five weeks after his last dose, he was found to have no sulfhaemoglobin in his blood."

The man had needed urgent surgery because he had developed a dangerous condition in his legs after falling asleep in a sitting position.

The surgeons performed urgent fasciotomies, limb-saving procedures which involve making surgical incisions to relieve pressure and swelling caused by the man's condition - compartment syndrome.

In compartment syndrome, the swelling and pressure in a restricted space limits blood flow and causes localised tissue and nerve damage.

It is commonly caused by trauma, internal bleeding or a wound dressings or cast being too tight.

According to the science fantasy television series Star Trek, Mr Spock had green blood because the oxygen-carrying agent in Vulcan blood includes copper, rather than iron, as is the case in humans.

Mr Spock had a human mother, and Vulcan father, from who he inherited his inability to make sense of human emotion, as well as his green blood.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/08 08:20:21 GMT




Posted by queenmabwords on 2007.05.30 at 09:11

DDR Queen

Now in sexy color!

Posted by queenmabwords on 2007.05.09 at 15:40
The newsletter is in the mail! If you can't wait to see the new Accord Abstractions, click here!

The newsletter is in shades of gray (or blue, if you're Ian) but the online version is in SpectraUltraColorTone!



Torchwood coming to BBCA

Posted by pkdan on 2007.05.09 at 10:58
Good news for Dr. Who fans, it looks like Torchwood (and the second season of Dr. Who) will be showing on BBC America soon.


I was too lazy to download the torrents, so now I can watch them all legally and such.


Jump on the bandwagon!

Posted by queenmabwords on 2007.04.28 at 07:11
I received a couple articles for the upcoming Accord Abstractions. Thanks, guys!

If you want something published in this quarter's newsletter, please send it as soon as possible!

Thank you!


Thanks to tdj!

The Accord Abstractions newsletter is coming out next week! Please submit pictures, articles, or interesting weblinks!



ST:TNG uniform available

Posted by pkdan on 2007.03.29 at 08:42
I have an old Next Generation uniform that no longer fits me. It's size "Large" and is in great shape. The design is the second version of the TNG uniform (with small collar) and is Sciences turquoise in color. It is free to a good home.

Contact me privately if you are interested. Thanks!


Captain Decker: Weenie or Hero?

Posted by pkdan on 2007.03.26 at 10:38
Poll #954096 Captain Decker: Weenie or Hero?

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, does Captain Decker prove himself to be a weenie or a hero?

Weenie. He could never live up to the awesome coolness of The Kirk Unit.
Hero. He was smart, acted in the best interest of his ship and crew, and worked those tight pants like a pro.
Other. Comment below.

Other explained.


Monthly Meeting This Saturday!

Posted by pkdan on 2007.03.06 at 07:11
Are you looking to share the loves of Star Trek, fun, and pizza with like-minded individuals? Well, you're in luck! The second Saturday of the month is almost here!

Come to the Cayuga Heights Fire Department at 4:30PM this Saturday, March 10th. Bring a snack to share, a friend, and $5 for pizza.

Directions and other details can be found here.

See you there!


Free Sunday at the Ithaca Sciencenter

Posted by pkdan on 2007.02.28 at 19:05
This Sunday, March 4th, from 12-5PM, the Ithaca Sciencenter will be hosting a Free Sunday.

From their website at http://www.sciencenter.org/ :

Visit the Sciencenter for FREE on March 4 to help celebrate the kick off of International Polar Year. Come and calculate your own carbon footprint (bring a household utility bill), and learn more about 100% clean, renewable wind-generated energy.

Check out the Sciencenter for free and see what a great place it is for learning and having fun!

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