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This Week in Accord

Posted by pkdan on 2007.08.05 at 09:14
There is lots of moving and shaking in the next week for Accord.

Saturday, August 11th at 4:30PM at the Cayuga Heights Fire Department is our monthly meeting. Bring snacks, friends, $5 for pizza, and a video or game to share. Check out the Accord website for more details.

That same day, Saturday the 11th, at 9:00PM, Cornell is hosting another "Film on the Façade" at the Johnson Museum. They will be showing "Raiders of the Lost Ark", whose third sequel is in production as we speak. It's like going to a drive-in without your car.

And while all this is happening, a number of Accordians will be in Denver, CO, attending this year's STARFLEET International Conference. Since we are hosting next year's IC, tradition dictates that we run the Hospitality Suite the year before our conference, so we'll be busy supplying IC-goers with sugar, caffeine, and lots of information about how great it is to visit Ithaca. Wish us luck!

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